Happy Mom = Happy Baby

Today when I dropped Dane off at daycare one of his teachers mentioned to me how he is such a good eater, is always so content and happy and just loves to play and move. She said that in all her years of taking care of children she has always noticed that the happiest children seem to have moms who were happy when pregnant. I could not agree more! Happy moms = happy babies. Creating a positive environment during development is crucial. That is why I am devoted to helping moms feel confident and strong during pregnancy and labor.

I loved pregnancy as much as one can.  I didn’t enjoy the reflux or having my feet look like footballs but being pregnant was such an amazing journey.

You are already aware that stress and conflict affect your health. Think about how your body posture and tension changes when you are stuck in traffic.  How your jaw tightens up when speaking to someone who is stressing you out.  How your heart rate increases when you recall a stressful memory.  When pregnant, this also has an impact on the baby growing inside of you.  There have been studies that prove these stresses and negativity can cause a greater likelihood for lower birth weights, or that traumatic events can even impact a baby’s brain development. One Danish study of babies born between 1973 – 1995 showed a 67% bigger risk of developing psychological disorders, such as bipolar or schizophrenia, when the mother was subjected to extreme stress.

Preterm or premature delivery is another hazard, which can also be dangerous for your baby. Although technology has come a long way to help save premature babies, the risks involved with your baby’s health can be very costly. Remember that your baby feels what you are feeling.

“Excessive worrying and negative feelings take a physical, mental and emotional toll on a pregnant woman,” says Irene E. Aga, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. “A woman with a positive attitude can focus on eating well, sleeping enough and staying active. She is also able to focus on the miraculous changes within her body and on the developing relationship with her unborn infant.”


So make sure you are surround yourself with positive people and do what you can to stay active, feel great and ENJOY your pregnancy.

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Chiropractic Care through the Stages

When my son became mobile I was so excited and proud, but also nervous and a little sad.  Sad because my baby seemed to grow in the blink of an eye and it was only just beginning.  Nervous because of all the “dangers” I was now just noticing (table corners, picture frames on low shelves, etc.).  And, of course, excited and proud that he was becoming a toddler and his skill set was growing.

As I watched him go from an army crawl, to a full crawl and then to pulling up on EVERYTHING and then walking along everything, it was amazing to see his mind and body figure it out.  Of course part of figuring it out is trial and error.  It involves lots of bumps, usually bumps on the butt.  The diaper adds some padding but that force is going over and over again into his little body.  Children don’t feel pain the same way that adults do.  Their pain receptors aren’t fully developed, so they can still have pain but not quite like we do.  The nervous system stress and damage is still present from these repetitive injuries and it shows up in other ways – decreased immune system so they get sick easily and regularly, constipation, reflux, dragging a leg when crawling, not using both arms, etc.

We are now at the stage where he is just about to take his first steps without assistance.  I am again excited and nervous.  He stands up all on his own and squeals with excitement, then looks for mom and dad and hasn’t been ready to move those feet yet so he will drop down and crawl to us with a big smile.  I know it will be any day now.  Just the other day it was up and down, fall on the knees, pull up and drop on the butt….and I remember thinking, I am so glad he gets adjusted!  I am so glad I am controlling what I can and making sure these small falls (over and over again) don’t end up being a big issue.  I am glad that he has gone 14 months, his whole life at this point, without an infection and need for medicine.  I am glad when he has gotten a fever or is throwing up that his body knows how to heal and recover and within 48 hours he is back to his crazy self.

Some people may think, while of course he gets adjusted and it is much easier because you can just do it because you are a chiropractor.  Do you know anyone who has a contractor spouse?  Ask them how many of their house projects get done.  Do you know someone who is a massage therapist?  Ask their spouse how often they are treated.  So yes, technically, because I can do the physical act of the adjustment that part is easier but I still put him on my schedule to make sure I don’t get busy and forget, I still adjust him in my office vs. home, so that I am in the right mind set with the correct equipment to do the best job.  Just like any parent I take the time to make it a priority because it is important.

Kids change and grow and it happens in the blink of an eye.  Start early, get care often (monthly at minimum, but discuss what is best with your doctor) and enjoy the growth and new stages!

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New Mom Goals #30daychallenge #chiropracticmom

The holidays are here and with them comes extra sugar, extra stress and those yucky shared germs.  They should be fun, family and finishing the year strong and happy.  Every December I reflect on the goals I have met for the year and I get ready for personal and professional growth in the next.  I have found that goal setting and doing a vision board are what works best for me.  If it is written down and I can see it every day, my conscious and subconscious are working towards those goals.  They are mom goals, wife goals, personal goals, business goals….the whole mix.  In 2017 my main focus is to find more balance and be my best self mentally and physically.  I will read more books and have more adventures with my family.  I will focus on my fitness and food.


Since having my son my health goals have changed.  It is very important to me to be able to keep up with him and not be stuck in bed with a cold or too tired to play.  Don’t get me wrong, I am tired just as every mom is.  My sleep has changed drastically, some days I barely sit down and my meals often consist of whatever I can cram in my mouth in the 5 minutes or less while he is entertained with a toy.  Physical goals don’t have to always be about weight loss.  They can be about improved energy, better sleep, feeling young and strong and being able to do any activity that we choose.  It can be about avoiding illness and disease the best we can.  Of course, chiropractic is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and staying on wellness care to get all the extra perks.

In January, my husband and I are starting a 30 day challenge.  There are several types of challenges so every individual can choose the challenge that best fits their goals.  I will be doing the Healthy Aging and Telomere Support Program which is designed to promote higher energy, lean body mass, youthful again and an overall healthier lifestyle.  I need to be able to keep up with Dane and I hope to be pregnant again in 2017.  I also like this one because it will keep my calorie intake at a good level to continue breastfeeding.  And all the products are nursing safe.  My hubby will be doing the Cleansing and Fat Burning System which is designed decrease unhealthy cravings, increase metabolism and rid the body of impurities.  These are the two most popular.  There is also a 9 day Cleanse Package if you are looking for a shorter program.  The company we are using is Isagenix.  After much research and personal use of their products we feel confident recommending them.  Their nutrition is unmatched, as is their research.


The Challenge will run January 15th -February 15th.  You can do it with us or at your own pace.  Any moms interested can sign up and they will receive a special gift from me and promotional pricing.  Contact Heather at the front desk or give a call to speak with me and tell us “I am ready to challenge myself in 2017”.

You can find link to all the programs and videos at isaproduct.com

There is a whole group of women called Isamommies who have used these products before, during and after pregnancy.  It isn’t about “getting your body back”, it is about being your best self right now!

Chiropractic Partners

Bloom Birth Concierge is Pittsburgh’s premier childbirth education and support service agency, and we are excited to be developing a relationship with Live Well Chiropractic.  Like Dr. Brie, we believe that a balanced, well-cared-for body is an important factor in having a healthy pregnancy and positive birth experience.  At Bloom, our goal is to provide you with all of the prenatal and childbirth support services that you may find yourself needing as you prepare to welcome a new addition to your family.

Bloom may be a name new to the area, but our educators are anything but.  Everyone on our team is not only an educator and/or specialist in their field, but also an experienced birth doula in the Pittsburgh area with multiple years of experience supporting families of all kinds.

Our Thoughtful Birth preparation class is taught in both small group and private formats, in several locations around the Pittsburgh area, including the Kids Plus Pediatrics office in Seven Fields, or in the privacy of your own home.  We are also the trusted childbirth education provider for The Midwife Center for Birth & Women’s Health in the Strip District.  Thoughtful Birth is designed to meet the needs of all students – no matter their birth wishes, provider, birthing location, or family dynamic – and is taught as either a 4-week series or a weekend intensive class.

Our other services include prenatal consultations, virtual doula support, lactation counseling, and placenta encapsulation.  Our direct connection with Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh ensures that finding the right birth doula is a stress-free experience.  The last piece of the support puzzle will be put into place when we add postpartum doulas to our services in 2017.

For more information regarding Bloom Birth Concierge please contact them at 412-330-1159 or visit their website at http://www.bloombirthconciegre.com


The Chiropractic Spinal Onion

Did your pain show up one day and you have no explanation for it?  Have you had this pain before but it would just go away and now it won’t?  Do you feel great and think you have no need for a chiropractic adjustment?  I meet many people from all walks of life but a common theme is that people will tel me “I turned____ years old and started falling apart.”  In the office I will often have people tell me “I didn’t do anything.  I just woke up in pain.”

Whenever we have a health condition or new symptom a rise it is easy to start thinking about what activities we recently had or who’s kids we were just around that gave us that runny nose or what stressors are currently in our life.  And while, of courses, there are cute illness and injuries that can happen, many health conditions are build up of problems over time.  Layers and layers of damage.  Like an onion.

Most people have their first spinal injury at birth.  It is called labor for a reason.  It is hard on mom and baby.  Just like anything, there are different levels of injury, but we all have injury to some degree.  Most moms tell me their favorite adjustment was the first on after labor because their body was so tired and overworked.  Imagine how baby feels?  That is why it is also important to have newborns checked as soon as possible.  Layer number one.

Then we learn to crawl.  And learn to walk- this is where Dane is right now and it cause many bumps on the butt.  We learn to ride a bike.  We play sports.  We “play” with other siblings.  We carry heavy backpacks.  We sit at computers for house.  We slip and trip and play and fall.  Layers number tho through hundreds.  Pain receptors in children are not as developed as in adults, so while 30% of middle school aged children do complain of pain in their back and hips, many will suffer from conditions not normally associated with chiropractic.  Attention deficit, allergies, asthma, sleep disturbances, bowel and bladder issues, and digestive issues.

Then we work the same job for years and do repetitive over-use activities.  We sit at a computer for even longer hours.  We have high stress level.  We birth children and raise them.  We do fun things too- like travel and try new sports and take up running.  More and more layers.  And then one day pain pops up and we are confused as to where it came from.

When someone comes into the office with pain, our first goal is reducing that pain and getting them moving and feeling better.  But our bigger goal is removing that layers of the onion and getting the LIVING better.

Haw many layers do you have?   How many do our children have? Your grandchildren? Your parents? Do you think it is easier to remove more layers or fewer layers?

It is never too late to start under care, but it is also never too early.  We have family plans so that everyone in your household can get well, stay well, and live well.  Are you ready?


Webster Technique- Chiropractic care during pregnancy

Pregnancy should be 40 weeks of joy, love and being spoiled by those around you.  But for many women, pregnancy can be an uncomfortable experience. The physical and hormonal changes involved with pregnancy come with changes of the spinal and pelvic alignment. This alteration, or misalignment, is often very uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) for the pregnant mother.  But it doesn’t have to be.

One of the hormones that increases during pregnancy is Relaxin.  Relaxin helps ligaments, especially those in the pelvic area, to loosen up to accommodate the expansion of the growing baby and uterus. While Relaxin helps your bones shift in order to make room for the baby, it can also make those pelvic bones unstable in their position. This usually causes painful misalignment for the pregnant mother. This is why chiropractic during pregnancy is important.

The elaborate network of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves along your spine and pelvis are important to maintaining proper functionality for your whole body. Obviously when you have a misalignment, complications can arise, for pregnant women one of those complications can be a baby in the breech position late in the pregnancy.  Or less concerning (but just as irritating) symptoms such as headaches, acid reflux, constipation, leg pain and back pain.  Chiropractic care can provide relief for all these symptoms.

Because of the way your pelvis and sacrum as set up, they move as one (most of the time.) So when one part of the pelvis has moved backwards, the opposite side is moved forward. This can cause the sacrum to tilt, which often causes pain and/or tightness in the legs. This tilting can also cause the birth canal to narrow, making natural childbirth complicated.  If the baby doesn’t have the proper amount of room to move they will not be able to get into the correct head down position for birth or they may not be able to move down further into pelvis for delivery.

The Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique, also called the Webster Technique, is used in chiropractic to balance the pelvis properly, while reducing the stress on the ligaments that support the uterus.

The round ligaments that hold the uterus in place within the abdomen can become thin and tight. This sometimes causes sharp pains and restricts the space that baby has to maneuver within the womb. This restricted movement often causes a baby to stay in a breech position beyond 37 weeks. A certified Webster practitioner can use this specific technique to properly align the pelvis and sacrum, relieve the tightness in the round ligaments and abdomen. This will allow the baby to shift freely within the womb and they will usually settle into the proper birthing position.

Dr. Brie is certified in the Webster Technique. If you are pregnant, come in for an adjustment as soon as possible!


Positive Pregnancy – A Message from Dr. Brie, Chiropractor

The vision and reality of pregnancy is a whirlwind for most people.  Some couples try for years to conceive while for others it happens quickly.  When it does happen it is a roller coaster of excitement and happiness and then often time FEAR creeps in.  The unknown, the hormones, the misconceptions.  We forget that a woman’s body is designed for birth.  That we have an innate ability to grow another human being and bring them into this world.  A loss of trust in this ability is creating generations of scared moms and  sick kids.


The Mind

A woman’s mood during pregnancy can impact birth outcomes and fetal brain development.  Women who experience significant, persistent anxiety and fear are at a higher risk for premature labor.  We commonly think about how what a woman eats will affect her child but what about how a woman feels?  If mom is constantly filled with anxiety or stress as baby is developing in the womb then the message is communicated that they are in an unsafe environment.  Baby’s brain will already be wired to perceive the environment they are born into as unsafe.  They are more likely to be fussy, hard to soothe, impulsive, and short on attention.  It is important for mom to feel supported, loved, safe and happy.


The Body

The physical aspect of pregnancy is equally as important as the emotional.  Over the past few decades the mindset has changed.  We stopped trusting our bodies and we now commonly interfere during pregnancy and delivery.  A research study was published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) Pediatrics in February 2014 which concluded that acetaminophen use during pregnancy can increase the risk of a child developing ADHD-like behaviors.  Acetaminophen, such as over-the-counter Tylenol, is frequently recommended by doctors for pregnant women with pain.  Pain can be present during pregnancy because the body is changing but that should be respected, controlled and treated with a safe option.  Chiropractic care can be beneficial for pain relief but the benefits far exceed reducing symptoms.  As an ICPA certified Webster practitioner, I use specific adjustments and a technique and equipment designed for pregnancy.   Chiropractic adjustments can balance the pelvis and allow the body to change without disrupting function.  A balanced pelvis can help the child to be in an optimal position for delivery.  It can help mom to be active throughout pregnancy which is extremely beneficial for body and soul.


And The Soul

Throughout my years as a chiropractor I have had the joy of helping moms and dads during their journey into parenthood.  I encourage women to trust and respect the wisdom of their body and help them prepare by offering knowledge, support and of course quality chiropractic care.  Be informed and be empowered.


Back to School Health and Chiropractic Health

Back to school also means back to shared germs.  Back to crazy schedules.  Back to sports.  Back to irritable children when the early morning alarm goes off.  Typically about two weeks after school starts we notice a wave of sickness that runs through homes and classrooms.  Because the sleep schedule is changed, diet is changed usually with more sugar consumed, and students are stressed mentally and emotionally, the result is a weakened immune system.  Chiropractic patients can better adapt to change in the environment around them.  Their body is working more efficiently.  That is why people under regular chiropractic care take less drugs, have fewer surgeries and have fewer doctor visits.  Teach your children about the importance of hand washing and drinking water throughout the day.  And of course make sure to bring them in for an adjustment before they are having symptoms.

Other changes we see are the physical strains of carrying a back pack and sitting long hours in a desk.  The body is meant to be in motion so prolonged sitting can be difficult.  For children, their bodies are still growing so the strain of carrying a heavy back pack can cause spinal issues.  Make sure your child has a back pack that is appropriate for their height and that the straps are adjusted so the top of the back pack sits where the neck and shoulders meet.  The weight of a back pack should be no more than 10% of a child’s total body weight.  So for a 50 lbs. child, the back pack should be no heavier than 5 lbs.  During the school year we can also see increased computer usage.  It is obviously important for schoolwork to be done and now a day a lot of it is done by computer or tablet.  But the positioning of using these devices is not ideal for good spinal health.  So make sure your child is drinking plenty of water, getting adjusted and taking a 5 minute break every hour.

As you are getting organized for back to school make sure to put “get a chiropractic adjustment” on your to-do list.  We wish you a happy and healthy school year! back to school 1