Bed-Wetting and Chiropractic

Imagine you are a 10 year old boy and you love hanging with your friends and playing video games and all your friends get together for sleepovers but you can’t join them because you have bed-wetting issues.  How would that affect you?  Imagine you are the parent of this child who has to console them daily from the embarrassment as you hurry to change their bed sheets or repeatedly deny them consent to attend a slumber party.  Recently I have seen an influx of bed-wetting cases come into my office.  Most of them have been 8-12 year old boys, however, girls can be affected too.

Bed-wetting aka Enuresis  is often considered an “unfortunate childhood problem” and is often times left untreated.  Many parents sit anxiously and wait for the problem to resolve itself.  The traditional chiropractic approach is to adjust the spine, usually in the area of the lumbar spine or sacrum. Emptying of the bladder is controlled by the detrusor and trigone muscles.  The nerve supply to these muscles is via the sacral parasympathetic nerves from S2 to S4.  Bladder function is also controlled by the urogenital diaphragm which derives its nerve supply from the L2 spinal nerve.  Adjustments designed to reduce any nerve irritation in these areas can help improve bladder function.  Improved bladder function will likely reduce bed-wetting.

It makes me so happy when I child excitedly tells me about their first sleepover or a relived parent gives me a hug because they no longer have to console an embarrassed, sad child.

There are dietary changes that can help as well and some parents even use medications.  But it is important to correct the actual function of the bladder or the problem will only be resolved for the short term, if at all.

If you have a child that is bed-wetting make sure to send them for a chiropractic evaluation.  724-940-3900


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