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Pubic Pain and Pregnancy

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes and we commonly get told the aches and pains are “normal” and “just a part of pregnancy”.  Yes, pains during pregnancy are common, but most of them can be controlled and we don’t need to just suffer through it until baby is born.  It is important for women to feel strong and confident during pregnancy and enjoy their growing belly.  It is important to sleep well, move well and feel well to keep the experience positive and keep mom’s body healthy.  Up until the insomnia kicked in the last few weeks and I was on the couch watching Gilmore Girls all night, I felt awesome and slept great during pregnancy.  It is also important to feel confident going into labor.  Mentally I was excited and nervous the morning my water broke, but physically I was ready.

One of the more common pains I treat during pregnancy is lower abdominal and pelvic pain.  Some women have associated lower back pain, some do not. The most common causes of anterior pains are round ligament stretching or pubic symphysis issues.  Both are treatable with chiropractic care.

The round ligaments are located on both sides of the abdomen.  They attach the uterus to the soft tissues of the groin.  Think bikini line, if the bikini went fairly high up on the hips like in the 80s (and coming back now I think).  The round ligaments support the growing baby and with that growth they stretch and become thicker.  The stretching can cause pain symptoms, often described as a quick jab or short stabbing pain.  The pain is most often present during transitional movements such as changing position in bed or going from sitting to standing.  Laughing, coughing, prolonged sitting or standing can also cause pain.  The pain can be sharp and intense, but usually lasts only seconds.  These pains often start during the 2nd trimester and get more intense in the 3rd if not treated.

Prenatal chiropractors use a technique called Webster’s to help reduce the pain associated with round ligament tension.  There is usually a connection between this ligament pain and a sacrum that has moved out of position.  Your chiropractor will address both issues.  It is important to have this taken care of so your pelvis is in the ideal position allowing baby to move freely and drop down into the pelvic outlet during labor.

Pubic symphysis issues can also be the culprit of anterior, lower abdominal pain.  Your chiropractor can address this as well.

Additionally, a warm bath may help or lying on your side with a pillow under the belly and your knees tucked up towards your stomach.

If you experience any severe pain or cramping, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, burning urination, pelvic pressure like baby is pushing down, sudden intense back pain when you haven’t had any prior or the pain feels like a contraction that never stops, call your OB or midwife immediately.  These could be signs of preterm labor, preeclampsia, placental abruption or another medical condition such as a UTI or appendicitis.  It is better to use caution.

Dr. Brie is a Webster certified practitioner.  The treatment is gentle, effective and usually covered by insurance.   If you are expecting or know somebody who is, make sure to share this information.

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Bed-Wetting and Chiropractic

Imagine you are a 10 year old boy and you love hanging with your friends and playing video games and all your friends get together for sleepovers but you can’t join them because you have bed-wetting issues.  How would that affect you?  Imagine you are the parent of this child who has to console them daily from the embarrassment as you hurry to change their bed sheets or repeatedly deny them consent to attend a slumber party.  Recently I have seen an influx of bed-wetting cases come into my office.  Most of them have been 8-12 year old boys, however, girls can be affected too.

Bed-wetting aka Enuresis  is often considered an “unfortunate childhood problem” and is often times left untreated.  Many parents sit anxiously and wait for the problem to resolve itself.  The traditional chiropractic approach is to adjust the spine, usually in the area of the lumbar spine or sacrum. Emptying of the bladder is controlled by the detrusor and trigone muscles.  The nerve supply to these muscles is via the sacral parasympathetic nerves from S2 to S4.  Bladder function is also controlled by the urogenital diaphragm which derives its nerve supply from the L2 spinal nerve.  Adjustments designed to reduce any nerve irritation in these areas can help improve bladder function.  Improved bladder function will likely reduce bed-wetting.

It makes me so happy when I child excitedly tells me about their first sleepover or a relived parent gives me a hug because they no longer have to console an embarrassed, sad child.

There are dietary changes that can help as well and some parents even use medications.  But it is important to correct the actual function of the bladder or the problem will only be resolved for the short term, if at all.

If you have a child that is bed-wetting make sure to send them for a chiropractic evaluation.  724-940-3900


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Concussions and Chiropractic

Concussions are a common issue with sports of any age.  We are seeing better diagnosis and protocols in regards to these injuries, but just like any injury, after it has happened there are limitations in treatment. Recently more attention has been focused on sports-related concussions in part due to the concussion-related deaths of high school athletes, cognitive problems in professional football players, and head injuries sidelining professional hockey players for extended periods of time.  Penguin’s fans will remember the extensive rehab that Sidney Crosby went through a few years ago to return to the ice after his concussion.  He had chiropractic treatment from Dr. Carrick that gave him great benefit and got him back to play.

I have heard from several parents over the years about the wait and see, trying several different medications with no changes while their child misses school, has changes in behavior, is no longer active, and is no longer enjoying activities.  We are blessed to live in Pittsburgh where we have some of the best medical doctors and practices.  One thing that most parents, and medical doctors, still don’t know about is the importance of chiropractic for these injuries.  There are several chiropractic techniques and the one that we use for concussion patients involves no rotation and is very gentle.  Concussion recovery can take a long time and is not only about getting back to play.

A few years ago I had a teenage girl who suffered a concussion from a slip and fall.  She missed most of her junior year of high school.  Not only was that difficult on her physically because concentrating and doing school work increased her symptoms, but it was difficult on her emotionally.  She was separated from her friends for a year, which in teen time is like a decade.  She missed school activities and dances.  She missed field trips and all the college prep that happens that year.  Once she was feeling better she was so excited to return to normal teen life and be involved in school activities again.

Concussions are not an easy fix and they take time, but chiropractic can be very beneficial in the healing process.  We work with all other doctors to make sure the patient is getting the best care.  If you know someone who has suffered from a past concussion or if currently receiving treatment, pass along our information.  Here are two articles with more information:

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