Chiropractic for Constipation

My last blog focused on poop so I figured it was naturally a good follow up to discuss what happens when there is a lack of poop.  Constipation.  Late last year I had a patient referred into my office for constipation.  The patient is 3 years old and had been having only 1 bowel movement a week for several weeks.  She would cry because the pain of pooping was extreme, she would avoid having bowel movements for fear of pain and the parents were forced to use enemas.  This is devastating for a child and equally stressful for a parent.  After one adjustment she was having a bowel movement every 3-4 days, after the next it was every 2-3 days and after just a handful of treatments she was having daily bowel movements.  I love when she comes into the office with a big smile and says “I pooped!”  She is no longer afraid, no longer having pain and is back to being her playful self. The parents’ stress level is dramatically reduced.  The family was referred to my office by a friend and former patient.  Imagine if that hadn’t happened?  What colon issues were being created?  How was the stress affecting sleep?  How was the stress affecting the parents and their relationship?  What are the long term effects of medications and enemas?  What other issues were arising from holding toxins in her body vs. excreting them?  What about social and emotional stress?

Why do these complaints respond to Chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is not condition specific.  The goal is not to “treat” the constipation.  The goal is to make sure the body no longer has blockages in functioning.  A fully functioning body will be able to perform the task of having regular bowel movements to rid the body of waste.  Adjustments are used to structurally optimize the spine which reflects nervous system function.  Think of a garden hose that has a kink in it.  How well does the water flow out?  Same disruption happens when the spine is “kinked” by being out of alignment.  The nervous system is like the electrical system of the body.  The brain’s job is too gather sensory information, assess the situation and then transmit a proper response.  If the system is hindered then the proper response will not be sent and ultimately the body will have dysfunction (constipation, diarrhea, cramping, pain, etc.)

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Do you know a child who suffers from digestive issues?  Send them to the office today.  724-940-3900



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