Month: December 2016

A Parent’s Choice

I often get asked from parents and grandparents “how do you know if a child needs to be adjusted?”  Or “how do you know if a child has brain and nervous system impairment?”  Just like any condition there are varying degrees of severity.  Children on the lower end of severity or children in whom issues take years to develop sometimes slip through the cracks and early intervention gets missed.  Did you know that most children are diagnosed on the spectrum at age 5, yet most parents recognize an issue around age 2?  How many times do parents get told that their child will “grow out of it” or “it is normal” and then by age 10 they are on a handful of medications for asthma, allergies, acid reflux, and other “normal” illnesses?  A friend of mine has a daughter who as an infant who would sleep no more than 45 minutes.  45 minutes!  Ever!  During the daytime naps, during the night time….no more than 45 minutes.  She also would keep her fists clenched tightly and would scream if not held.  The pediatrician said this was normal and would probably go away after a few months.  Normal?  No, this is not normal!  Luckily she reached out to me and within 3 visits her baby was relaxed and sleeping and smiling and has developed into a fun and active now 2 year old.

Every parent has a choice.   Every parent needs to determine what choice is best for their family.  That may not include chiropractic care.  That may include wait and see.  But for those families who are open to an evaluation, then an open mind is all I ask.  Once you have the information you can then make another choice.

The reason we recommend a baseline evaluation on every child is because once we know their baseline health it is easier to monitor for changes and potential problems.  There are several areas that we evaluate, in additional to spinal health, and several areas we recommend parents monitor.

  1. Emotional – Does your child shut down? Do they cry a lot?  Does their reaction seem to “not fit” the situation?  Are they impulsive?  Do they have a hard time transitioning from one situation to another?
  2. Behavioral- Do they become easily frustrated? Do they have a hard time communicating or using their imagination?  Are they delayed in milestones such as walking?  Are they clumsy?
  3. Personality- Have you seen them change from kind to mean? Have you seen a change from good student to failing?  Have you seen them change from social to isolated?  Do they have a poor self image?
  4. Sensory- Do they have an overreaction to touch, movement, sight or sound? Or an under-reaction?
  5. Learning- Do they have delays in speech and language? Do they have delays in academic achievement?

You may be wondering what this has to do with chiropractic.  Chiropractic is about whole body wellness.  About your body being able to grow and adapt and adjust.  The nervous system controls everything.  If a child has a learning disability and they get tutoring (which is also a super important step) then they may be able to pass a class and improve their classroom skills but it doesn’t help their brain and body function or remove past damage.  Dr. Chad has specific training for acute injuries that help many people.  I have specific training in child development and prenatal care.  Happy pregnancy = Happy baby.  Healthy mom = Healthy baby.  A baseline assessment as well as routine chiropractic care can help a child grow without interference and help us recognize delays and changes sooner allowing for earlier intervention.  Most children I treat are healthy and their parents have been patients and the family is on a wellness routine with chiropractic.  Many parents of children with health issues don’t realize they may be helped with chiropractic.  If you are one of those parents or you know someone who has a child who is always sick, taking a bunch of medications, always at doctor’s appointments…..share our information.  Don’t give up on your child’s health before speaking with me.

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Happy Mom = Happy Baby

Today when I dropped Dane off at daycare one of his teachers mentioned to me how he is such a good eater, is always so content and happy and just loves to play and move. She said that in all her years of taking care of children she has always noticed that the happiest children seem to have moms who were happy when pregnant. I could not agree more! Happy moms = happy babies. Creating a positive environment during development is crucial. That is why I am devoted to helping moms feel confident and strong during pregnancy and labor.

I loved pregnancy as much as one can.  I didn’t enjoy the reflux or having my feet look like footballs but being pregnant was such an amazing journey.

You are already aware that stress and conflict affect your health. Think about how your body posture and tension changes when you are stuck in traffic.  How your jaw tightens up when speaking to someone who is stressing you out.  How your heart rate increases when you recall a stressful memory.  When pregnant, this also has an impact on the baby growing inside of you.  There have been studies that prove these stresses and negativity can cause a greater likelihood for lower birth weights, or that traumatic events can even impact a baby’s brain development. One Danish study of babies born between 1973 – 1995 showed a 67% bigger risk of developing psychological disorders, such as bipolar or schizophrenia, when the mother was subjected to extreme stress.

Preterm or premature delivery is another hazard, which can also be dangerous for your baby. Although technology has come a long way to help save premature babies, the risks involved with your baby’s health can be very costly. Remember that your baby feels what you are feeling.

“Excessive worrying and negative feelings take a physical, mental and emotional toll on a pregnant woman,” says Irene E. Aga, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. “A woman with a positive attitude can focus on eating well, sleeping enough and staying active. She is also able to focus on the miraculous changes within her body and on the developing relationship with her unborn infant.”


So make sure you are surround yourself with positive people and do what you can to stay active, feel great and ENJOY your pregnancy.

If you know any expectant moms make sure to tell them about Live Well and share our information. #choose2livewell #healthymomshealthybabies #positivepregnancy #chiropractic4life


Chiropractic Care through the Stages

When my son became mobile I was so excited and proud, but also nervous and a little sad.  Sad because my baby seemed to grow in the blink of an eye and it was only just beginning.  Nervous because of all the “dangers” I was now just noticing (table corners, picture frames on low shelves, etc.).  And, of course, excited and proud that he was becoming a toddler and his skill set was growing.

As I watched him go from an army crawl, to a full crawl and then to pulling up on EVERYTHING and then walking along everything, it was amazing to see his mind and body figure it out.  Of course part of figuring it out is trial and error.  It involves lots of bumps, usually bumps on the butt.  The diaper adds some padding but that force is going over and over again into his little body.  Children don’t feel pain the same way that adults do.  Their pain receptors aren’t fully developed, so they can still have pain but not quite like we do.  The nervous system stress and damage is still present from these repetitive injuries and it shows up in other ways – decreased immune system so they get sick easily and regularly, constipation, reflux, dragging a leg when crawling, not using both arms, etc.

We are now at the stage where he is just about to take his first steps without assistance.  I am again excited and nervous.  He stands up all on his own and squeals with excitement, then looks for mom and dad and hasn’t been ready to move those feet yet so he will drop down and crawl to us with a big smile.  I know it will be any day now.  Just the other day it was up and down, fall on the knees, pull up and drop on the butt….and I remember thinking, I am so glad he gets adjusted!  I am so glad I am controlling what I can and making sure these small falls (over and over again) don’t end up being a big issue.  I am glad that he has gone 14 months, his whole life at this point, without an infection and need for medicine.  I am glad when he has gotten a fever or is throwing up that his body knows how to heal and recover and within 48 hours he is back to his crazy self.

Some people may think, while of course he gets adjusted and it is much easier because you can just do it because you are a chiropractor.  Do you know anyone who has a contractor spouse?  Ask them how many of their house projects get done.  Do you know someone who is a massage therapist?  Ask their spouse how often they are treated.  So yes, technically, because I can do the physical act of the adjustment that part is easier but I still put him on my schedule to make sure I don’t get busy and forget, I still adjust him in my office vs. home, so that I am in the right mind set with the correct equipment to do the best job.  Just like any parent I take the time to make it a priority because it is important.

Kids change and grow and it happens in the blink of an eye.  Start early, get care often (monthly at minimum, but discuss what is best with your doctor) and enjoy the growth and new stages!

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