Month: November 2016

New Mom Goals #30daychallenge #chiropracticmom

The holidays are here and with them comes extra sugar, extra stress and those yucky shared germs.  They should be fun, family and finishing the year strong and happy.  Every December I reflect on the goals I have met for the year and I get ready for personal and professional growth in the next.  I have found that goal setting and doing a vision board are what works best for me.  If it is written down and I can see it every day, my conscious and subconscious are working towards those goals.  They are mom goals, wife goals, personal goals, business goals….the whole mix.  In 2017 my main focus is to find more balance and be my best self mentally and physically.  I will read more books and have more adventures with my family.  I will focus on my fitness and food.


Since having my son my health goals have changed.  It is very important to me to be able to keep up with him and not be stuck in bed with a cold or too tired to play.  Don’t get me wrong, I am tired just as every mom is.  My sleep has changed drastically, some days I barely sit down and my meals often consist of whatever I can cram in my mouth in the 5 minutes or less while he is entertained with a toy.  Physical goals don’t have to always be about weight loss.  They can be about improved energy, better sleep, feeling young and strong and being able to do any activity that we choose.  It can be about avoiding illness and disease the best we can.  Of course, chiropractic is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and staying on wellness care to get all the extra perks.

In January, my husband and I are starting a 30 day challenge.  There are several types of challenges so every individual can choose the challenge that best fits their goals.  I will be doing the Healthy Aging and Telomere Support Program which is designed to promote higher energy, lean body mass, youthful again and an overall healthier lifestyle.  I need to be able to keep up with Dane and I hope to be pregnant again in 2017.  I also like this one because it will keep my calorie intake at a good level to continue breastfeeding.  And all the products are nursing safe.  My hubby will be doing the Cleansing and Fat Burning System which is designed decrease unhealthy cravings, increase metabolism and rid the body of impurities.  These are the two most popular.  There is also a 9 day Cleanse Package if you are looking for a shorter program.  The company we are using is Isagenix.  After much research and personal use of their products we feel confident recommending them.  Their nutrition is unmatched, as is their research.


The Challenge will run January 15th -February 15th.  You can do it with us or at your own pace.  Any moms interested can sign up and they will receive a special gift from me and promotional pricing.  Contact Heather at the front desk or give a call to speak with me and tell us “I am ready to challenge myself in 2017”.

You can find link to all the programs and videos at

There is a whole group of women called Isamommies who have used these products before, during and after pregnancy.  It isn’t about “getting your body back”, it is about being your best self right now!


Chiropractic Care and My Family

Sara is the office manager at Live Well Chiropractic.  A common questions that she gets asked is why does she like working at Live Well?  That is an easy answer for her, watch the video to find out why she love working here and why she chooses chiropractic care for her own family.