Month: August 2016

Back to School Health and Chiropractic Health

Back to school also means back to shared germs.  Back to crazy schedules.  Back to sports.  Back to irritable children when the early morning alarm goes off.  Typically about two weeks after school starts we notice a wave of sickness that runs through homes and classrooms.  Because the sleep schedule is changed, diet is changed usually with more sugar consumed, and students are stressed mentally and emotionally, the result is a weakened immune system.  Chiropractic patients can better adapt to change in the environment around them.  Their body is working more efficiently.  That is why people under regular chiropractic care take less drugs, have fewer surgeries and have fewer doctor visits.  Teach your children about the importance of hand washing and drinking water throughout the day.  And of course make sure to bring them in for an adjustment before they are having symptoms.

Other changes we see are the physical strains of carrying a back pack and sitting long hours in a desk.  The body is meant to be in motion so prolonged sitting can be difficult.  For children, their bodies are still growing so the strain of carrying a heavy back pack can cause spinal issues.  Make sure your child has a back pack that is appropriate for their height and that the straps are adjusted so the top of the back pack sits where the neck and shoulders meet.  The weight of a back pack should be no more than 10% of a child’s total body weight.  So for a 50 lbs. child, the back pack should be no heavier than 5 lbs.  During the school year we can also see increased computer usage.  It is obviously important for schoolwork to be done and now a day a lot of it is done by computer or tablet.  But the positioning of using these devices is not ideal for good spinal health.  So make sure your child is drinking plenty of water, getting adjusted and taking a 5 minute break every hour.

As you are getting organized for back to school make sure to put “get a chiropractic adjustment” on your to-do list.  We wish you a happy and healthy school year! back to school 1