Month: July 2016

Why Chiropractic Care for Your Child?

Today I asked a parent why they get their child adjusted.  I am always curious as what sparked them to actually get their child started under care.  I discuss pediatric care with all the families in my practice and they all ask lots of great questions, yet only 50% actually start their whole family under care.  Half of that 50% is because their child is having a symptom- which is perfectly valid reason for staring care.  Many start care because they trust me and my expertise and they have been a patient for years, often throughout pregnancy.  My goal is always to get families to start care before there is an obvious problem, a pain symptom or a developmental delay.  So when I asked this mom about she is starting care for her 6 month old, I loved her answer.  She responded, “to keep her safe”.

As a parent we are always thinking about our child’s safety.  We research care seats for months- my husband and i just purchased the next size car seat for our 10 month old and oh my goodness are there a lot of choices.  We read consumer reports on travel systems to ind the best stroller.  We practice swaddling over and over so baby is perfectly bundled for sleep.  We read labels of everything we eat when breastfeeding to make sure it is safe for baby.  We have long discussions with other moms about diaper brands and what type of shampoo to use and what crib bumpers are best.  But safety is important internally as well, making sure the body is strong and healthy.

Another mom mentioned to me yesterday that since starting daycare her son has been sick more often but she is always excited that he seems to bounce back super quickly and get over illnesses faster than other children.  She contributes a lot of him immune function to his chiropractic care since birth.  We can’t  keep them in a bubble and it is good for them to be exposed and then build immunity, but we want their body to be able to fight and not have illness always progress to an extreme or dangerous point.  We can’t control everything (or nothing it seems like most days as a parent) but by making good health habits a priority we can give our children the best chance to be healthy as they grow.  It will even affect their habits as an adult because it will be a lifestyle and not just a fad.

My son is 10 months, he is breastfed, he gets adjusted, he eats homemade organic food, and yes he gets sick.  But he also heals quickly, he has never needed medication and is a happy, active child.  As his mom I try my best every day to keep him safe, and that included his health care choices.


Dada, Dada, Dada

My son’s first word was “dada”.  I am working on getting him to say “mommy” but no luck so far.  I get a smile of acknowledgement and then a “dada”.  We all know that there is a lot that only mom  can do and a lot of times only mommy will do according to our little ones.  In my household it is night time.  One mommy will do when it is time to go to sleep and if daddy tries we only get tears.  But, of course, dads help as much as they can.  During pregnancy they do their best to keep mom happy, they do the physical chores, they rub feet and backs, they give up space in the bed.  During labor they cheer us on and coach us through the hard moments, they literally lift us up and support us in comfortable positions, they smile with us and cry with us.  And once bay is here they have a big role as well.  My husband was an expert diaper changer by day 2 because that was his job as I was healing and learning how to latch  and feed.  They cannot breastfeed and their bodies don’t have to heal from pregnancy and delivery, but they are now also doing new activities and getting less sleep and it takes a toll.  It gets harder as the first few few months go by and baby gets heaver and more active.  I wish we would see more dads in our office before baby arrives to better get them prepared.  The focus is often on moms, which is super, super important, but a healthy dad is also vital.  We see most dads start in our office within the first 4 weeks of baby’s arrival.  There is no time to be hurt or sick or unable to do the physical things.  Chiropractic is for the whole family.  And even though we all know our husbands are tough guys, they need chiropractic just as much to get well, stay well, and live well.

Dr Chad sleeping with Dane