Month: April 2016

Helping Autism with Chiropractic

One day a woman walked through my door with her five year old son.  Kids in the office are nothing out of the ordinary, but she explained that situation I began to realize that this was a unique case.  Her son had been diagnosed with autism, was deaf, non-verbal, and had a growth disorder that made him grow faster than an average childern his age.  He kicked around the entire first visit.  I remembered thinking, how do I handle this child who seemed to be very upset and did not want to be touched?  The whole appointment I was in awe of this mother.  Shew was told by so many people that there is no hope and there are no options.  She had so much courage.  She Driving her son 60 minutes to the office three times a week, never missing an appointment, full of trust in me and the power of chiropractic, not being discouraged of deterred by the grandparents who didn’t understand chiropractic or the friends who told her it wouldn’t work.  After the first two weeks he calmed down greatly and started to love being adjusted.  It always made me laugh when I would walk into the room and he would grab my hands an place them on his neck.  Kids are so smart, they just get it.  A few weeks into care they came in for their appointment and the mom had a big smile on her face.  She said, “Dr. Brie the coolest thing is happening.  He is responding to sounds, even the sound of my voice.”  That was a good day.  Shortly after that she came in with an even bigger smile. becauase that morning he had sang, mumbled but sang, “wheels on the bus” to her.  That was an even better day!

Everyday my passion grows more and more while meeting extraordinary families.  I take a lot of pride in making my patients feel that they can count on me no matter what opportunities or struggles they are facing.  Don’t give up hope.  Don’t give up on yourself or settle for anything less than your potential.  Come in and let’s talk!



Dr. Brie’s Chiropractic History

Hello, my name is Dr. Brie Kemp and welcome to our blog.  I am passionate  about helping people reach their  ultimate health potential.  When you step into our office you will notice something different.  Good!  Our goal is to create an experience that is unique to you and our family.  In order to understand chiropractic and its importance to your family’s health, I feel it is necessary that you know who I am, where I have come from and the events that have shaped me into the person and practitioner I am today.

I was spoiled by chiropractic early in life.  By that I mean that I started under chiropractic care when I was 15 years old and healthy.  I was an athlete and my coach recommended chiropractic care for injury prevention and peak performance.  I didn’t connect chiropractic with symptoms or having pain.  I have no “rag to riches” story of being helped out of pain of illness that pushed me to become a chiropractor.  I simply love the chiropractic message.

I started practicing in Wexford in 2007 and I love the community is so family oriented.  The word spread that we do wellness and that we see families, more specifically children, and quickly we grew into a family practice.  I love taking care of kids.  So full of life and potential.  I also love taking car of pregnant women to make sure they have a great journey and that their child starts his/her journey healthy from the beginning of life.